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AS4145 | Evaluation of access protection products | NATA | Hardware

Mechanical Locksets for Windows and Doors in Buildings Azuma’s purpose built, flexible, calibrated test rigs are NATA accredited to test your products in accordance with AS4145. Testing in accordance with AS4145 by Azuma ensures that you can be confident about the performance and design level of your product. Understanding your products strengths and limitations gives you certainty about promoting your product to the market. On completion of your testing Azuma can issue with a NATA endorsed testing certificate.

This standard is as outlined:

  • This Standard specifies general design criteria, performance requirements, and procedures for testing mechanical locksets and latchsets for their resistance to forced or unauthorized entry and efficiency under conditions of light to heavy usage.
  • This Standard covers locksets for typical doorways, such as wooden, glass or metal-hinged swinging doors or sliding doors in residential and business premises, including public buildings, warehouses and factories. Requirements for both the lock and associated furniture are included. Certain areas requiring higher level locking devices (e.g., locking bars, electronic locking devices, detection devices, alarms) are not covered by this Standard.
  • The Standard also includes performance requirements for cylinders supplied separately for installation in locksets and corrosion resistance requirements.
  • This Standard is intended for use when assessing the security and durability of a lockset. Locksets for use in fire doors, egress doors and emergency exits are subject to further requirements or regulations in the interests of personal safety.

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