Testing Services

Mechanical performance evaluation of components for building envelopes, framing and interior lining
Button coin cell batteries safety
Roof & Wall Cladding
Security Doors
Mechanical performance evaluation of ladders, racks, scaffolds and supports
Metal & Plastic Ladders
Scaffold Planks
Temporary Barriers
Temporary Fences
Timber Ladders
Insulated Glass Unit (IGU)
Evaluation of Argon Concentration
Evaluation of material absorbents
Evaluation of access protection products
Barriers, Balustrade, Guardrails
Testing Kit

AS1577 | Scaffold Planks | NATA | Plank on Balustrade Slab

This standard is as outlined:

This standard specifies requirements for the design, manufacture and performance of scaffold planks.

This standard does not apply to prefabricated platforms (see AS 1576.3)

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