Azuma audits to the Australian "Qualicoat" specifications no.12 for paint, lacquer and powder coatings on aluminium for architectural applications. 




At the completion of the testing process you will recieve a NATA endorsed report highlight the results of your test. NATA endorsed reports are reknowned worldwide as a sign of complete product performance.






Azuma Design offers third party inspection and auditing services to businesses that wish to prove that they are running robust systems. 

Azuma are also NATA accredited to conduct these inspection or audits to any technical specifications. 


We have track record of technical inspection after holding the contract to inspect Qualicoat accredited powder coating businesses for several years. The Qualicoat specifications requires us to look at the production processes & control, laboratory control & process, quality assurance procedures and third party laboratory results ensuring good process is throughout your business. 


Azuma will inspect your business to any technical specification that is at the heart of your business' operations. 


The benefits of third party inspections are commonly recognized as positives by those businesses that have foresight to recognise that this process is all about continual improvement of thier business.





It adds a degree of assurance internally to management with an external benefit of ensuring that product is robust. The product is made the same was each time and fit for supply with the quality aspect completly traceable. Independent third party inspections are not for business which want to ensure that they are doing a great job.


If you have a specification that you've produced and wish to prove to your market that it is a great product, why not have a third party reguarly monitor that you are producing to the highest standard and specifications.


Azuma Design will produce an inspection report based on the specification and assurance system that governs your business' to high standards which will be NATA endorsed. This will provide your business with a highly marketable assurance system that is approved by a third party inspection.